14 April 2021
The environmental movement in Syncretis
Sustainable lifestyles are gaining popularity around the globe, and people's concern with the destiny of the planet cannot but inspire. Our company supports this trend and tries to introduce eco-habits into our daily life.

In the Saint Petersburg office we have launched a separate collection of recyclable waste items: tetrapak packages, paper, and cardboard. As far as waste paper is concerned, its collection and processing are quite simple; however, with tetrapak, it is the other way round. Tetrapaks consist of a very complex recyclable material combining paper and aluminum. On top of that, it can contain up to four layers of polyethylene. In Russia such packaging is hardly recycled anywhere. If you sort waste, you must have faced the problem of selling such packaging for recycling. In the office and at home we drink a lot of coffee and milk, all packed in tetrapak, so this recyclable material accumulates rather quickly in our company. Therefore, our eco-activists came up with the initiative to collect tetrapaks, and we were happy to support them.

Inspired by this experience, we decided to go further. Now, separate collection of plastic and cardboard/paper waste has been launched in the Tomsk office, too. The company can help every employee to send waste paper/tetrapak and plastic for recycling. The costs of eco-taxi are covered by the company.

By the way, our New Year’s gifts were packed in good old string bags for eco reasons. String bags have turned from an everyday thing in Soviet times into an eco-accessory, which is convenient for shopping and saves money on plastic bags. It seems that string shopping bags are back in fashion, and they look very stylish too! 

The environmental movement in Syncretis