17 March 2021
Syncretis now appears in the employers’ ratings on the Headhunter recruiting site (hh.ru)
This past year has given us a push to begin new things. For the first time, we decided to participate in the employer ratings, which is held annually on the Headhunter platform.

Syncretis now appears in the employers’ ratings on the Headhunter recruiting site (hh.ru)

The rating is formed on the basis of three-way analysis of companies:

  1. Willingness of employees to recommend the company as an employer (40% of the overall rating)
  2. Desire of applicants surveyed on the website hh.ru to work for the company (40% of the total assessment)
  3. Data from the company’s HR specialists, on the basis of which its HR function is assessed (20% of the total assessment)

This year, the total number of finalists in the ratings was more than 500 companies from all over the country. We came 77th out of 161 companies with between 100 and 250 employees.

This year, we are also participating in the HR-brand competition, and soon we will find out if we have made it to the final list of nominees. Please keep your fingers crossed for us — we really hope we will take home the HR equivalent of an Oscar!