We are and have always been a company with flexible processes and an open culture, and this allows us to easily adapt to the rapidly changing world around us. We decided it was time for an update.

As experts in the development of IT solutions for insurance, we are able to help companies from other industries with their digital transformation. From now on, we will be entering new markets under a new name — Syncretis.

This new name has a very special meaning: there is a scientific term — syncretism, which means a combination of diverse elements, which form something whole. This could be the unification of philosophical principles into one system, or the merger of several art forms into one. Cinema can be a combination of text, music and images. We synthesize technology and business into the most effective IT solutions.

Although we are changing, we will never betray our values:

  • We work thanks to people and for people
  • We care about the benefits for our employees, customers and partners, and help them achieve their goals
  • We never go back on any promises we make to our clients, partners and employees. We are as good as our word
  • We are always actively developing ourselves, just as we help others to develop