We are delighted to report that Autumn in Sidenis began in a completely different way to usual, as we switched to a new format of working!

Team Days

We are always striving to be modern, and to create the most comfortable working environment for our employees, without compromising on efficiency.

The self-isolation experience has shown us that our teams are capable of being flexible and professional in any environment.

With this in mind, we decided that it was time for us to make a change within the context of our new realities.

Since September 2020, Team Days have become part of the fabric of Sidenis. Once every sprint, all team members meet up in the office to discuss face to face the most important issues that have arisen, and to spend some time communicating personally. Every other work day, each employee can choose the format that suits them best — remote work or working in the office.

We take the safety of our employees extremely seriously, taking all necessary measures to protect the health of our team members. Now, we are also rebuilding our offices, to make them as comfortable as possible within the context of the new working conditions.